2015 China Overview Immigration and Overseas Study Report


2015 China Overview Immigration and Overseas Study Report highlights 2015 China’s Immigration and Overseas Study Market status, including the whole market share, industry growing trend as well as popular destinations of Chinese migration and overseas study.



  • The population of worldwide immigrant is now 232 million, accounting for 4.2% of world population. The number of Chinese immigrant has significantly increased from 4.1 million to 9.3 million. Nowadays, after India, Mexico and Russia, China has become the 4 th immigrant country in the world.
  • The majority of Chinese immigrants are study immigrants. Most of Chinese study immigrants are male, aging 20-39 and geographically concentrate in coastal cities in areas such as Yangtze River Delta region, Zhujiang Delta region and around the Bohai sea region.
  • Education is the most prioritized need for immigration. Meanwhile, due to the serious pollution caused by industrial development in some big cities, many high net worth people deem that the purpose of immigration is to live longer and healthier, and hope that they can immigrate to countries with fresh air and good environment.
  • USA and Canada are Chinese top prioritized immigration destinations. Los Angles, San Francisco and Vancouver are Chinese immigrants’ three favorite cities. The motivations of immigration can be education, environment and food. The major decisive factor of immigration, however, can be the convenient procedure and easy access of obtaining green cards.
  • However, immigration is no longer feverish. When the rich consider immigration, they become more rational and calmer. Two methods of immigrant investments become welcomed among the rich—reference from friends and immigration companies. When considering immigration, people are in favor of professional guides and suggestions.
  • In terms of studying abroad, the number of people who went abroad for study has retained two digits increase in recent 5 years. Both children and their parents are motivated by acquiring better education, enhancing foreign language skills and broadening horizon.
  • Generally speaking, studying abroad is an important matter which need to be discussed by all family members. Children most concern about schools’ world ranking. Fathers appear to be more rational. They pay more attention to the competitiveness of schools’ majors. Mothers, however, have more concerns on security issues of studying abroad.
  • In many years, Chinese overseas-studying students frequently choose US, Australia, Canada and Britain to be their destinations of studying abroad.



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