2015 China Overview Internet Research


2015 China Overview Internet Research illustrates the country's and regionals market scale and penetration of internet . Also, many data have outlined Chinese market size of Chinese netizens, pictured netizens’demography as well as their behavior and preferences in terms of surfing online. In addition, the status quo and trends of China internet ads have been summarized including marketing budgets allocation to internet ads and preferred internet ads forms.



  • The number of Chinese netizen as well as the popularity of Internet will continue their upward, but slowdown growing trends. Netizens become more mature. Due to the education level, Internet are more popular among urban netizens.
  • With the diversification of Internet access devices, 90% of netizens choose mobile terminals to access to the Internet. Intelligent home appliances start to join in the Internet party. Homes and workplaces are the major places for people getting online.
  • Chinese netizens have been increasingly more addicted to Internet in recent years. They spend 4 hours daily on Internet surfing on average in which 1 hour of surfing online with mobile devices. Two main purposes of netizens’ getting online are being social and acquiring information.
  • Internet advertising market size is now almost half of the overall advertising volume. Mobile advertisement has greater proportion of overall Internet advertisement year by year. And the largest proportion of Internet advertisement is key word advertisement which is now shrinking in its market share. The market share of video advertising has kept growing, which is almost close to the share of branding graphic advertisement.
  • In terms of PC terminal, social media platforms, Internet videos and search engines are advertisers’ major selects and methods. Internet videos and search engines are advertisers’ priorities when they consider to increase their advertising volume. However, when the budgets change, the common advertising methods, such as pictures/flash and videos appear to have the poorest ability in risk resistance.



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