2015 China Overview People Research


2015 China Overview People Research introduces 2015 China market description of 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s. It profiles the features of 90’s, including their views of love and marriage, consumption category, career planning, and employment status. In addition, it shows the idols, entertainment, APP style 90’s prefer. In the end, it reflects the generation gap of 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.



  • 90s generation has great connection with Internet. 90s are aborigines of Internet which presents their life style, social capability, thinking platform, expression channel, working mode and communication fashion etc. In one word, Internet is 90s generation’s past, present and future.
  • 90s generation’s concept of love is actually not against with public traditional concept. Their love relationship can be conservative as 80s generation who are loyal to love. However, their concept of love can also be open and tolerable. Most of them are open and understanding towards homosexuality issue.
  • The consumption attitude of 90s generation is generally practical and rational. Instead of advertisement and branding, they pay more attention to quality and practicality. They are eager to have unique personality. The consumption consciousness of 90s generation is more proactive and tend to follow their hearts. They are more willing to make an attempt on accepting new brands with creativeness and personalities.
  • In terms of their occupation, 90s generation are more likely to be realists who are still chasing dreams. Most of 90s are insisting to be theirselves after choosing their future career. They value their interests. Salaries, future development and interests are three critical elements in 90s choosing their career. 90s are prone to choose Internet-related job because of their connection with Internet.
  • Over half of the 90s generation worship business elites, since being success is important to them. Leadership worship widely exists in 90s. Female 90s worship art pioneers, writers and entertaining stars, while male 90s are prone to worship sports idols.
  • In 90s life, they cannot live without computers. To them, surfing online at home to listen to music and to watch videos is as important as sleep. In terms of mobile Internet, 90s like music APP and social APP, because music and friends are indispensable parts in their lives.
  • The 00s generation is a herd of people who use Internet earlier than the 90s. More than 1/3 of 00s children have already owned smart phones. The proportion of 00s generation who use smart phones grows with their ages. And 14-15 year-old is the watershed of smart phone using. About 40% of 14-year-old start to use their first mobile phone.
  • The market segmentation of 00s generation’s use of smart phones is similar to that of adults’. The top3 brands are Apple, Samsung and MI. 00s smart phone users concentrate in tier1 cities and some major tier2 cities.
  • In the light of age, 00s generation prefer social APP, entertainment APP and game APP. They not only proactively and independently collect information on APP, but acquire APP info. from their peer.
  • Compare to other generations, 00s prefer to use QQ. Commonly, 00s first come into contact with QQ and later switch to WeChat when they are in their junior or senior high school years.
  • 00s generation prefer to record their personal life when they are using QQ and WeChat. Hence, they value and wish to have privacy and independency.
  • Compare to other generation, 00s generation prefer ‘non-mainstream’. They tend to experiment and try new and niche APPs which are ranked TOP1000.
  • Most of 80s have stepped into society, and they relatively have stronger career ambition. In contrast, 90s generation are in relatively easier living condition in which their working and living pressure are still weak.
  • To 80s generation, they shop what they ‘like’. They will not necessarily shop famous brands or cheap stuff. However, 90s generation have international understanding to brands.
  • Both 80s and 90s generations like to be homebodies who are fans of entertainment news. But 80s generations also prefer to be informed of social, political and life news.
  • Both 80s and 90s generations like to shop what they like. But 80s generations are more rational in brand’s price and reputation. In choosing career, 80s generation emphasizes on salaries and future development while 90s generation’s choices are mostly interest-driven.
  • Generally, with increasing age and experience, every generation will more likely to be resemble to the last generation in interests and behavior. Comparatively speaking, younger people advocate freedom, independency and self-consciousness.



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