2015 China Overview Radio Research


2015 China Overview Radio Research gives relevant evidence of demographic information of China’s radio listeners, listener’s behavioral preferences and their radio programs preferences. In addition, information about different channels’ market shares are provided in this media overview.



  • The coverage rate of Chinese broadcasting is almost 90%. The audience with listening behavior and habit accounts for only 60%. Only half of Chinese are fans of radios now.
  • Currently, increasingly more urban listeners prefer digital devices, such as cell phones, vehicle-mounted systems and PCs. Traditional radios are inevitably fading nowadays. The listeners listen to the radios at home and in automobiles, but daily listening duration has been shortened in these years.
  • Listeners who listen to the radios in automobiles has outnumbered the listeners who listen at home. Meanwhile, with the popularity of mobile broadcasting APPs, more people choose to utilize these APPs to listen to the radios out of door.
  • The radio listening peak presented at commuter time, which further proves the popularity of vehicle-mounted systems and mobile radio APPs.
  • The most listened contents are traffic situation, music and news. Traditional radio listeners prefer news content, while users of vehicle-mounted systems are incline to listen to the contents related to traffic situation. The most public channels are on provincial and city levels.
  • Content marketing has become the new trend of future broadcasting advertising. Besides the hard-sell ads, integrated marketing solutions will be needed on future broadcasting media platform. Additionally, future integrated marketing tends to be more customized, which means every client will be serviced by customized marketing solution catering his/her own needs.



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