2015 China Overview TV Research


2015 China Overview TV Research presents the whole picture of China’s TV media in 2015 with abundance data evidence. It provides information in terms of national overall TV coverage rate, time-spent on TV watching, all-level TV program coverage as well as TV watchers’ profile. Chinese TV ads research is also included in this report.



  • TV media market has tend to be saturated with almost 99% coverage ratio in 10 years. However, Chinese are losing their interests in watching TV. The average age of real TV audience is getting older. The biggest proportion of TV audience is over 45-year-old audience. The older the TV audience are, the higher degree of audience concentration will be, the more probability to produce heavy audience.
  • In terms of the contents, Chinese TV content output is mainly led by CCTV and provincial satellite TV. However, TV production and broadcasting will further separate in the future, and high-quality content will be incline to broadcast through Internet platforms. Eventually, the number of TV audience will decrease. Increasingly more people will choose to watch videos online instead of on TV.
  • Since 2014, the advertising input on TV has decreased. In the first half year in 2015, the advertising input even negatively increased. CCTV and provincial satellite TV were still two major platforms in media advertising.
  • With the shortage of budgets and advertising release, the users of TV media has decreased. The competitiveness of TV media industry appears to be more aggravated. Advertisers prefer to invest high-quality TV performance with high audience rating and great popularity among audience.
  • Most of the advertisers consent that TV should be further combined with new media to achieve integrated marketing. Meanwhile the dominant role of TV in advertising is still recognized by advertisers.
  • In recent three years, the rate of digital TV usage has been higher year by year with the main form of boot screen advertising. It can be expected that, in the future, there will be more advertisers who will input advertisement and conduct marketing on digital TV media platforms.



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